Department of Astronomy

Regular Faculty

R. Earle Luck, Warner Professor of Astronomy
Stacy McGaugh, Professor of Astronomy
Chris Mihos, Professor and Chair of Astronomy and Director of the Warner and Swasey Observatory
Heather Morrison, Professor of Astronomy
Idit Zehavi, Assistant Professor of Astronomy

Scientific Staff & Postdocs

Paul Harding, Observatory Manager
Charley Knox, Associate Astronomer
Federico Lelli, Postdoctoral Researcher
Marcel Pawlowski, Postdoctoral Researcher

Secondary and Adjunct Faculty

Jeff Kriessler, Adjunct Professor
John Ruhl, Professor of Physics
Glenn Starkman, Professor of Physics

Emeritus Faculty

Peter Pesch


Agnes Torontali, Department Assistant

Graduate Students

Jay Franck
John Kerr
Zhibo (Real) Ma
Aaron Watkins
Lei Yang

Undergraduate Majors

Emilie Dunham (2014)
Nathan Harmon (2014)
Sean Linden (2014)
Wesley Peters (2014)
Abbott Veldhuizen (2014)
Christopher Baumann (2015)
Steven Roy (2015)
Nihar Chhatiawala (2016)
Andrew Loach (2016)
Nicholas Smith (2016)
Grace Olivier (2016)
Elizabeth Tarantino (2016)
Gregory Tobar Gomez (2016)

Department Phone and Office Listing

(precede with 216-368-)
Jay Franck 561 Sears 3896 jrf110
Paul Harding 569 Sears 6696 paul.harding
John Kerr 561 Sears 3896 jok8
Charley Knox 568 Sears 6695 cak4
Jeff Kriessler 551 Sears 0310 jrk12
Feredico Lelli 554 Sears 0917 fxl171
Earle Luck 560 Sears 6697 rel2
Real Ma 553 Sears 0173 realma
Stacy McGaugh 573 Sears 1808 stacy.mcgaugh
Chris Mihos 557 Sears 3729 mihos
Heather Morrison 558 Sears 6698 hlm5
Marcel Pawlowski 555 Sears 6381 msp107
Agnes Torontali 567 Sears 3728 agnes
Aaron Watkins 573 Sears 3537 aew54
Lei Yang 561 Sears 3896 lxy163
Idit Zehavi 571 Sears 6832 ixz6