Department of Astronomy

2013/14 Astronomy Colloquia

Sep 4 D.J. Pisano
Tracing the flow of gas onto galaxies with the Green Bank Telescope
Sep 11 Ralph Schoenrich
(Ohio State)
New methods to measure stellar parameters and Galactic rotation
Sep 18 John Salzer
(Indiana U)
Making Hay with ALFALFA
Oct 16 Marcel Pawlowski (CWRU)
On the nature and origin of the dwarf galaxies in the Local Group: Are they tidal dwarf galaxies?
Oct 30 Chris Howk
(Note Dame)
A New Approach to the Cosmic Lithium Problem
Nov 14 Risa Wechsler (Stanford)
Connecting galaxy formation and the dark universe
Note Special Date/Time: Thu @11:30am
Dec 4 Jerry Sellwood
Spiral Structure in Galaxies
Feb 5 Sara Schmidt
Hot Chromospheres on Cool and Ultracool Dwarfs
Feb 19 Evan Skillman
The Local Cosmology from Isolated Dwarfs (LCID) Project
Mar 5 Cole Miller
Lemming Black Holes
Mar 19 Rupali Chandar
Star Clusters and High Mass X-ray Binaries in Nearby Spirals, Mergers, and Starburst Galaxies
Apr 2 Mauro Giavalisco
The formation and evolution of massive compact galaxies
Apr 16 Caleb Scharf
Earth Meets Universe
Note special time: 3:00pm

2012/13 Astronomy Colloquia

Sep 5 Ralph Schoenrich
Galactic structure and rotation
Sep 19 Jim Schombert
Elliptical Families: The Star Formation History of the Universe's Most Boring Galaxies
Oct 3 Brad Holden
Quiescent Galaxies through the Ages
Oct 11 David Thompson
(NASA Goddard)
Gamma-ray Pulsars with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
Joint Physics/Astronomy Colloquium: 4:15pm in Rockefeller 301
Oct 31 Rachel Kuzio de Naray
(CWRU Astronomy)
Low Surface Brightness Galaxies as Probes of Dark Matter
Nov 14 Joshua Pepper
The State of Exoplanet Discovery
Nov 28 Steve Rodney
Chasing Type Ia Supernovae in the Early Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope
Jan 16 Federico Lelli
Dynamics of starbursting dwarf galaxies
Feb 6 Eric Bell
The effects and importance of galaxy merging in a cosmological context
Feb 20 Casey Papovich
(Texas A&M)
Postponed until a future date
Feb 27 Zheng Zheng
A Theoretical Exploration of Lyman-alpha Emitting Galaxies
Mar 21 Mario Mateo
The Southern Spectroscopic Survey Telescope
(Note special date/time: Thu at noon)
Apr 11 Megan Donahue
(Michigan State)
High Redshift Galaxies, Supernovae, and Cluster Dark Matter with the CLASH Project
(Note special date/time: Thu at noon)

2011/12 Astronomy Colloquia

Aug 31 Nathan Kaib
(Queen's U)
Sedna as the Footprint of the Sun's Migration in the Milky Way
Sep 14 Benoit Famaey
(U Strasbourg)
The RAVE stellar velocity gradient in the extended solar neighbourhood
Sep 28 Facundo Gomez
(Michigan State U)
Looking for signatures of minor mergers in the Milky Way thick disc kinematics
Oct 12 Lee Armus
(SSC / Caltech)
Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Spitzer - Herschel Era
Oct 21 Sheila Kannappan
(U North Carolina)
The Dependence of Gas Richness and Disk Building on Galaxy Mass
Oct 26 Michael Wood-Vasey
(U Pittsburgh)
Taking Supernova Cosmology into the New Decade
Nov 17 David Weinberg
Measuring Cosmic Acceleration Note: Thurs @4pm
Nov 23 Heather Jacobson
(Michigan State U)
Open cluster neutron capture element abundances: clues to the chemical evolution of the Milky Way disk
Feb 16 Kim-Vy Tran
(Texas A&M / Zurich)
Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters Over the Past 10 Billion Years
Feb 22 Brian O'Shea
(Mich State)
The Secret Lives of Galaxy Clusters
Mar 8 Marc Pinsonneault
The Red Revolution: How Seismology of Red Giants is Transforming Stellar Physics and Population Studies Thursday 4:15 Rockefeller 301
Apr 4 Young Sun Lee
Observational Constraints on the Formation of the Milky Way's Thick Disk
Apr 12 Alan McConnachie
Stars, galaxies and cosmology in the nearby Universe
Thursday 4:15 Rockefeller 301
Jun 29 Maria Bergemann
High-precision spectroscopy and fundamental parameters of cool stars
Friday 11:00am

2010/11 Astronomy Colloquia

Sep 8 Greg Rudnick (Kansas) The Growth of Dead Galaxies in Clusters over Most of Cosmic Time
Sep 29 Aaron Romanowsky (UCSC/Lick) Formational Clues in Galaxy Halos
Oct 13 Bill Cochran (Texas) Kepler and the Search for Habitable Earths
Nov 3 Adi Zolotov (NYU) The Dual Origin of Galactic Stellar Halos
Nov 18 Charles Lada (Harvard/CfA) Special Date/Time: Thu 11:30am
Dec 1 James Annis (FNAL) The Dark Energy Survey
Feb 9
Hong Guo (CWRU)
The theory and measurement of the three-point statistics
Mar 10
Betsy Barton (UC Irvine)
Star Formation and Gas in the Lowest-Density Environments
Mar 22
Ralph Schonrich (MPA)
Making our picture of the galaxy simple
Mar 30
Dana Casetti (Yale)

Apr 13
Nick Suntzeff (Texas A&M)
A Cosmologist Loose in the State Department: Dark Energy and Science Public Policy

2009/10 Astronomy Colloquia

Aug 26 Peder Norberg (Edinburgh) Galaxy And Mass Assembly: a survey probing fundamental Cold Dark Matter model predictions
Sep 16 Heather Morrison (CWRU) Age/metallicity gradients in the Milky Way's thick disk
Oct 15 Neta Bahcall (Princeton) Weighing the Universe
Joint Colloquium with Physics: 4:15 in Rock 301
Oct 22 Peter Michelson (Stanford) Joint Colloquium with Physics: 4:15 in Rock 301
Nov 4 JD Smith (UToledo)
Nov 12 Robin Ciardullo (Penn State) The Structure and Kinematics of Galactic Disks Note special date and time: 11:30am
Nov 18 Michael Blanton (NYU) What dwarf galaxies tell us about galaxy formation and cosmology
Dec 2 David Thilker (Johns Hopkins University) Star formation in extreme locales revealed by GALEX
Dec 3 Fred Adams (Michigan) Joint Colloquium with Physics: 4:15 in Rock 301
Dec 10 Julio Navarro (U Victoria) The Aquarius Project: Dark Matter under a Numerical Microscope
Joint Colloquium with Physics: 4:15 in Rock 301
Apr 15 Juna Kollemeier (Carnegie Observatories) Oldies but Goodies: Old Hypervelocity Stars and RR Lyrae as Probes of the Inner and Outer Milky Way
Note special day/time: Thurs, 1pm
Apr 15 Jessica Sunshine (Maryland) Joint Colloquium with Physics: 4:15 in Rock 301

2008/9 Astronomy Colloquia

Sep 16 TJ Cox (Harvard/CfA) Unraveling the Formation History of Elliptical Galaxies
Oct 16 Eric Herbst (OSU) Complex Interstellar Molecules
Note: Joint Physics/Astronomy Colloquium. Held in Rockefeller 301 at 4:15
Oct 28 Mario Juric (IAS) 7-D mapping of the Milky Way with SDSS
Nov 13 Alan Marscher (Boston U) Probing Deeply into the Inner Jets of Blazars
Note special date and time: Thu @3pm
Nov 18 Steinn Sigurdsson (PSU) Second Stars
Dec 9 Janice Lee (OCIW) H-alpha Imaging Surveys of Galaxies: Star Formation Near and Far
Dec 18 Sally Oey (U Mich) Massive stars as a population and recent highlights on feedback effects Note special date and time
Jan 21
Laura Ferrarese (HIA)
The Structure of Early-Type Galaxies from the ACS Virgo and Fornax Cluster Surveys: Cores, Stellar Nuclei and Supermassive Black Holes
Feb 4
Idit Zehavi (CWRU)
Galaxy Clusteringand Dark Matter Halos Note special time: 11:00am
Feb 18
Rok Roskar (Washington)
Clues about Disk Evolution from the Outermost Reaches of Galaxies
Mar 12
Carlos Frenk (Durham)
Cosmology on small scales: the structure of (mostly) dark matter halos Note: Joint Physics/Astronomy Colloquium. Held in Rockefeller 301 at 4:15
Mar 25
Kelly Holley-Bockelmann (Vanderbilt)
How Black Holes Get Their Kicks Note special date and time: Wed at 3:00pm
Apr 16
Mario Livio(STScI)
Dark Energy: Hopes and Expectations

2007/8 Astronomy Colloquia

Sep 4 Earle Luck (CWRU) Giants in the Local Region
Sep 18 Anthony Gonzalez (Florida) The Distribution of Baryons in Galaxy Clusters and Groups
Oct 2 Santiago Patiri (CWRU) Cosmic Voids: a useful tool to constrain galaxy formation models and cosmology
Oct 18 Bob Kirshner (Harvard) Fundamentals of Supernova Cosmology (Joint Physics/Astronomy Colloquium; Thu 4:15pm in Rock 301)
Nov 1 Kathryn Johnston (Columbia) Mapping the Local Group (Note special date)
Nov 15 Romeel Dave (Arizona) The Impact of Galactic Outflows Across Cosmic Scales (Note special date and time: Thu @3pm)
Nov 27 Kristine Spekkens (Rutgers) Understanding Nearby Galaxy Structure in a Cosmological Context
Dec 13 Gus Evrard (Michigan) Computing the Cosmos: Illuminating the Dark Side with Clusters of Galaxies(Joint Physics/Astronomy Colloquium; Thu 4:15pm in Rock 301)
Jan 22 Christy Tremonti (Arizona) Can Quasars Quench Star Formation? New clues from the study of fossil galactic winds in post-starburst galaxies
Feb 21 Francesco Shankar (OSU) Constraining the evolution of Super-Massive Black Holes and their Hosts Note: Thurs 3pm
Mar 4 Patrick McDonald (CITA) Probing inflation, dark matter, dark energy, etc. using the Lyman-alpha forest
Mar 20 Pablo Laguna (PSU) Binary Black Holes, Gravitational Bursts and the Issue of the Final Spin (Note special date and time: Thu @3pm)
Mar 25 Jason Tumlinson (Yale) First Light from the Fossil Record: A New Synthesis
Apr 1 Stelios Kazantzidis (OSU) Cold Dark Matter Substructure and Galactic Disks: Morphological and Dynamical Signatures of Hierarchical Satellite Accretion (Note special time: 2:30pm)
Apr 15 John Ruhl (CWRU Physics) The South Pole Telescope (note: date change)
Apr 24 Dieter Hartmann (Clemson) Astronomy with Radioactivities (Joint Physics/Astronomy Colloquium; Thu @4:15pm in Rock 301)

2006/7 Astronomy Colloquia

Aug 1
John Norris (MSSSO/ANU)
The Most Metal Poor Stars -- -5.5 < [Fe/H] < -3.5
Sep 5
James Bullock (UC Irvine)
Dark Matter Halo Merging and Galaxy Formation
Oct 3
Paul Martini (OSU)
Active Galactic Nuclei in Clusters of Galaxies
Oct 17
Eric Becklin (UCLA)
SOFIA: Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Oct 19
Zeljko Ivezic (Washington)
Dissecting the Milky Way with SDSS and LSST
Oct 31
Massimo Ricotti (Maryland)
Feedback in the Early Universe and X-ray Reionization
Nov 14
Josh Frieman (Fermilab)
Probing Dark Energy
(Joint Particle-Astrophyics seminar)
Nov 30
Rocky Kolb (UChicago)
Dark Energy: Taking Sides on the Issue
(Joint Astronomy/Physics colloquium; Thu 4:15pm in Rock 301)
Dec 12
Oleg Gnedin (UMichigan)
(Particle-Astrophysics seminar; Tue 11:30 in Rock 221)
Dec 14
Mario Livio (STScI)
Astrophysical Jets CANCELLED (fog in Baltimore)
Jan 23
Hsiao-Wen Chen (UChicago)
Unveiling Star-forming Galaxies through GRB Afterglow Absorption-line Observations
Feb 13
Francesc Ferrer (Case)
Exotic physics in the sky: light dark matter and superconducting strings Note new date and time: 4:15pm
Feb 20
Vicki Sarajedini (UFlorida)
Searching for AGN in Deep HST Fields
Mar 6
Christy Tremonti (UArizona)
Postponed until Fall 07
Mar 22
Jennifer Johnson (OSU)
The Initial Mass Function of the First Stars
Mar 27
John Ruhl (Case)
The South Pole Telescope (cancelled)
Apr 5
Cameron McBride (Pitt)
Projected 3pt Correlation Function in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Note Special Date/Time: Thu 1:30pm
Apr 17
Darren Croton (UC Berkeley)
The environments of galaxies as triggers for star formation 'quenching'

2005/6 Astronomy Colloquia

Sep 6
Mike Hudson (Waterloo)
The Luminous Tip of the Dark Matter Iceberg
Oct 18
Alvaro Villalobos Cofre (Groningen)
The Problem of Simulating the Formation of Thick Disks in a Cosmological Context
Nov 8
Carlos Allende Prieto (Texas)
The Galactic Thick Disk: Near and Far
Nov 11
Brian Hynek (Colorado)
Geological, Geophysical, and Geochemical Analyses of Meridiani Planum, Mars: A New Interpretation (note: Joint Geology/Astronomy talk)
Nov 22
Connie Rockosi (UCSC/Lick)
SEGUE and the Galactic Thick Disk/Halo Transition
Dec 5
William Bidelman (Case)

Dec 15
Michael Strauss (Princeton)
Active Galaxies at low and high redshift: Type II quasars, reionization, and other insights from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
Jan 24
Heather Morrison (Case)
Flared outer disk or Ring around the Galaxy?
Jan 31
Chris Mihos (Case)
Intracluster Light and the Evolution of Galaxy Clusters
Feb 17
Mary Putman (Michigan)
How Gas Gets Into Galaxies (note: Friday 3:00pm)
Mar 7
David Weinberg
(Ohio State)
The Theory of Galaxy Formation: Current Issues
Mar 20
Stephane Courteau (Queen's)
Puzzles in the Structure of Spiral Galaxies (note special day, time TBA)
Mar 31
Ken Freeman (ANU)
Galactic Disks (note: 2pm Friday)
Apr 3
Ken Freeman (ANU)
Near-field cosmology (note: 3pm Monday)
Apr 4
Earle Luck (Case)
Dwarf Abundances in the Local Region
Apr 7
Roger Phillips
(WashU StLouis)
Radars at Mars (note: Joint Geology/Astronomy talk; Friday 2pm in AW Smith)
Apr 11
David Schlegel (LBL)
Clustering of Luminous Red Galaxies, Baryon Acoustic Oscillations, and Cosmological Implications
Apr 18
Greg Bryan (Columbia)
Heating and Cooling in Galaxy Clusters

2004/5 Astronomy Colloquia

Aug 5
John Norris (Mt Stromlo/ANU)
The Chemical Enrichment of Omega Centauri
Aug 10
John Norris (Mt Stromlo/ANU) Extremely Metal-Poor Stars
Oct 15
Matt Bershady (Wisconsin) Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies: Enigma or Archetype?
Oct 27
Chris Mihos (Case Astronomy)
The Evolution of Cluster Galaxies
Nov 4
Glenn Starkman (Case Physics)
 Is the low-l Microwave Background Cosmic?
Nov 18
Karl Gebhardt (Texas) Black Holes of All Masses: Understanding the Fundamental Correlations
Dec 6
Dave Silva (ESO Garching)
Cool Insights into Early-Type Galaxies
Jan 18
Andrew Hopkins (Pittsburgh)
Star formation, gas and galaxy morphology
(10:45 am - note time change)
Jan 20
Ken Nagamine (UCSD)
Massive galaxies and EROs at z=1-3 in cosmological hydrodynamic
simulations: Is the hierarchical CDM model wrong?

(Thursday 2:00pm)
Jan 25
Hsiao-Wen Chen (MIT)
Unmasking Damped Lya Absorbing Galaxies
Feb 4
Dan McIntosh (UMass)
Evolution of Spheroid Galaxies Over the Last Half of Cosmic History (note Friday date)
Feb 8
Idit Zehavi (Arizona)
Galaxy Clustering in the SDSS Redshift Survey (2:00 pm)
Mar 1
Derek Richardson (Maryland)
Binary Asteroids
Mar 24
Robert Zinn (Yale)
The QUEST RR Lyrae Survey: a search for substructure in the galactic halo
Mar 29
Jim Rose (UNC)
Evolution of Galaxies

2003/4 Astronomy Colloquia

Sep 3
Sergei Andrievsky (Odessa State) The Galactic Abundance Gradient with Cepheids
Sep 10
Kelly Holley-Bockelmann (UMass) Bars and Dark Matter Cusps
Oct 1 Nelson Caldwell (CfA) Stellar Populations in Virgo Cluster Galaxies Down to Mv=-8
Oct 14
Konrad Kuijken (Leiden)
Bulges Large and Small
Oct 29
W.P. Bidelman (CWRU)
Spectroscopic Wonderland: Przybylski's Star
Nov 20
Chris Fryer (LLNL)
The Fates of Massive Stars (note Thursday 1:30pm talk)
Dec 3 Lin Yan (IPAC)
Morphologies and Spectral Properties of
Luminous, Red Galaxies at z ~ 1

Dec 17 Charles Bailyn (Yale) Stellar Mass Black Holes in Transient X-ray Binaries
Jan 7 Jennifer Johnson (DAO) The Creation of the Heavy Elements in the Early Universe
Jan 21
Steve Hauck (Case)
The Evolution of Mercury
Feb 9
Chris Miller (CMU)
The Effects of Environment on Galaxy Evolution in the Local Universe
(note Monday 2:00pm talk)
Feb 11
Victor Debattista (IfA, Zurich)
Understanding Bulges with Numerical Experiments
(note Wednesday 2:00pm talk)
Feb 23
Adrianne Slyz (Oxford)
Hunting for the key parameters of star formation
(note Monday 2:00pm talk)
Feb 27
Volker Bromm (Harvard/CfA)
The First Stars and Quasars (note Friday 3:15pm talk)
Mar 9
James Bullock (Harvard/CfA)
Cosmology and the Milky Way (note Tuesday 1:30pm talk)
Mar 11
Alan Boss (DTM)
A heretic's approach to Solar System formation
(note Thursday 3:30pm talk)
Apr 7
Dean McLaughlin (STScI)
HST Proper Motions and Stellar Dynamics in the Core of 47 Tucanae
Apr 14
Rob Kennicutt (Arizona)
SINGS: The Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey

2002/3 Astronomy Colloquia (Spring Only)

Jan 15 Cole Miller (Maryland) Intermediate Mass Black Holes
Feb 5 Heather Morrison (CWRU) A thin disk system of globular clusters in M31
Feb 19 James Bullock (Harvard/CfA) Cosmology and the Milky Way
Mar 19 John Hibbard (NRAO) The Dynamical Nature of Tidal Dwarf Galaxy Candidates
Mar 26 Michael Vogeley (Drexel) Cosmic Voids and Void Galaxies
Apr 9 Lynn Matthews (Harvard/CfA) Clues on Galaxy Disk Evolution from Studies of "Superthin" Spirals
Apr 16 Rebecca Bernstein (Michigan) Optical Extragalactic Background Light

2001/2 Astronomy Colloquia

Sep 26 Caryl Gronwall (STScI) The KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey for Nearby Emission-Line Galaxies
Oct 4  Christine Wilson (McMaster) When Galaxies Collide: Massive Clouds and Massive Star Formation in the "Antennae" Galaxies (note special day)
Oct 17 Corbin Covault (CWRU) Chasing the Elusive Blazar with STACEE
Oct 25 Craig Hogan (Washington) Gravitational Radiation from the Early Universe
(joint colloquium w/ Physics. Note special day, time, and place: 4:15 Thursday in Rockefeller 301)
Oct 31 Pat Cote (Rutgers) Cold Dark Matter, Small-Scale Power, and Halo Substructure: Clues from Globular Clusters 
Nov 8 Alwyn Wootten (NRAO) High Angular Resolution Observations of Maser Kinematics Near Low Mass Young Stellar Objects
(Note special day and time: 3pm Thursday)
Nov 14 Eric Wilcots (Wisconsin) The HI Environments of Galaxies: Clues to Galaxy Formation
Nov 19 Eileen Friel (NSF) New Clues from Old Star Clusters of the Galactic Disk
(Note special day and time: 10:30am Monday)
Dec 5 Billy Bidelman (CWRU) Eureka II: The Origin of Peculiar A Stars
Jan 16 Brian McNamara (Ohio U) Cluster Cooling Flows in the Chandra Era
Feb 13 Larry Nittler (DTM) Meteoritic Stardust and the Evolution of the Galaxy
Feb 20 Ulrike Heiter (CWRU) Model Atmospheres and Abundance Analyses of Main Sequence Stars
Mar 6 Andy Layden (Bowling Green) Modeling the Stellar Populations in the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy
Mar 21 Gary Ferland (Kentucky) Reconstructing the geometry of the Orion Nebula with spectroscopy
Mar 27 Steve Zepf (Michigan State) The Formation and Evolution of Globular Cluster Systems and Their Host Galaxies
Apr 3 Friedrich Kupka (Vienna) Fully non-local models of stellar convection
Apr 10 Mike Eracleous (Penn State) Cancelled
April 18 Bill Cochran (Texas) ExtraSolar Planets: New Clues for Planet Formation