Department of Astronomy

Finding CWRU Astronomy

For general tips on traveling to Cleveland and to CWRU, check out the University website for directions on how to get to campus.

For more customized advice on finding your way to CWRU Astronomy, below are a few more useful tips and maps.

PDF campus map with astronomy and parking marked

Coming from out of town
Depending on where you are coming from, choose one of the following:

Finding us on campus
We are on the 5th floor of Sears building. Depending on which directions you followed, you are either in the parking garage, coming from the RTA station, or have just been dropped off by your cab at Rainbow Babies Children's Hospital. Here is a map showing directions to our building from all three points. In true idiosyncratic fashion, the ground floor is the 3rd floor, so walk up two flights of stairs (much faster than the elevator, trust me) to find us on the 5th floor.

Places to Stay
Notre Maison

contact information:
Renee Cauwenberghe
2557 North Park Blvd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

Map to Notre Maison (see also the individual direction links above)

Getting to campus from Notre Maison by foot (takes about 20 mins):

Head R down North Park as you face it from the house, until you get to Delaware drive. Turn R down Delaware and then L on Cedar. Walk down Cedar Glen pkway and, at the foot of the hill, go R on Murray Hill and then L on the footbridge (tracking the temporarily destroyed Adelbert Rd) over the railway line. Then follow the walking map.

Glidden House

Information on Glidden House
Getting to campus from Glidden House:
Walk left up Ford Rd, R on Euclid, L on Adelbert at Severance Hall, and then follow the walking map.