Department of Astronomy

Astronomy Colloquia 2014/15

Talks are held at 11:00am in Sears 552 unless otherwise noted.

Sep 10 Ramin Skibba
Testing Galaxy Formation with Clustering Statistics and ΛCDM Halo Models at z=0-1
Sep 17 Chris Fryer
Astrophysics' Extreme Matter Experiments: Understanding the Diagnostics
Sep 26 Andrew Schechtman-Rook
Lifting the Dusty Veil: Understanding the Stellar Structure of Spiral Disks
Note special date/time: Friday 12:30pm
Oct 8 Pavel Kroupa
Do astronomical data contradict the existence of dynamically relevant particle cold or warm dark matter?
Oct 15 Edo Berger
Oct 29 Derek Fox
(Penn State)
A Tale of Three Neutrinos
Nov 12 Sarah Ballard (Washington)
Choose Your Own Adventure: Multiplicity of Planets among the Kepler M Dwarfs
Nov 19 Andreas Küpper (Columbia)
Globular Cluster Streams as Galactic High-Precision Scales
Dec 11 Joshua Frieman
Probing Cosmic Acceleration with the Dark Energy Survey
Note special day/time: Thursday, 4pm
Jan 21 Steve Hauck
Mercury: New views from MESSENGER
Feb 4 Tom Megeath
Orion as a Laboratory of Protostellar Evolution: Results from the Herschel Orion Protostar Survey
Feb 11 Matt Walker
(Carnegie Mellon)
What do the smallest galaxies tell us about dark matter?
Mar 4/5 Volker Bromm
The First Stars and Galaxies: The Run-up to the JWST
Mar 18 Alyson Brooks
Interpreting Dwarf Galaxy Observations with Realistic Simulations
Apr 1 Craig Rudick
Adventures in Data Science: An Astronomer Takes the Road Ever-More-Often Traveled By
Apr 17 Alison Sills
Dynamical Evolution of Very Young Stellar Sub-Clusters
Note special day/time: Friday, 12:30pm