Department of Astronomy

Astronomy Colloquia 2013/14

Talks are held at 11:00am in Sears 552 unless otherwise noted.

Sep 4 D.J. Pisano
Tracing the flow of gas onto galaxies with the Green Bank Telescope
Sep 11 Ralph Schoenrich
(Ohio State)
New methods to measure stellar parameters and Galactic rotation
Sep 18 John Salzer
(Indiana U)
Making Hay with ALFALFA
Oct 16 Marcel Pawlowski (CWRU)
On the nature and origin of the dwarf galaxies in the Local Group: Are they tidal dwarf galaxies?
Oct 30 Chris Howk
(Note Dame)
A New Approach to the Cosmic Lithium Problem
Nov 14 Risa Wechsler (Stanford)
Connecting galaxy formation and the dark universe
Note Special Date/Time: Thu @11:30am
Dec 4 Jerry Sellwood
Spiral Structure in Galaxies
Feb 5 Sara Schmidt
Hot Chromospheres on Cool and Ultracool Dwarfs
Feb 19 Evan Skillman
The Local Cosmology from Isolated Dwarfs (LCID) Project
Mar 5 Cole Miller
Lemming Black Holes
Mar 19 Rupali Chandar
Star Clusters and High Mass X-ray Binaries in Nearby Spirals, Mergers, and Starburst Galaxies
Apr 2 Mauro Giavalisco
The formation and evolution of massive compact galaxies
Apr 16 Caleb Scharf
Earth Meets Universe
Note special time: 3:00pm